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12 November 2006 @ 01:51 pm
TITLE: Dreaming
Kingdom Hearts
boy on boy, spoilerish for the game? Yes, this is slightly lemony, but it's pretty mild, too.
I do not make any claim to KH—Squeenix and Dizney gain that honor.
Axel knows that Sora isn't Roxas; everyone else sees him as someone else. Axel knows better, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to pretend.
 Axel sees Sora dreaming and decides to have fun.

After Axel's visit, Sora expected people to demand an explanation as to why the sheets were soiled, but Donald and even Goofy exchanged looks like they knew what was going on. They didn't guess the real reason, but there were soft mumbles about 'he's at that age'. When Sora overhead that, he had flushed red in embarrassment and prayed that they'd forget about it soon.


He hoped to forget about the incident as well; it was too surreal—Axel watching him sleep and then…what he did….Sora's face tinted red again and he was glad no one else was around to ask him what his problem was. What was I thinking? Sora thought sourly. Letting Axel do that…


He couldn't deny that it had felt good—he was a teenage boy, after all—what self respecting guy wouldn't … enjoy having a hand stroke over his…Sora shook that thought out of his head. He had to concentrate on finding Riku; to get them all back to the Islands where Kairi was waiting for them.


It had been weeks since Axel's visit, but Sora had been kept busy with fighting Heartless and Nobodies; searching for Riku and learning more about the Organization and what they were planning. It was interesting to find out that Axel wasn't exactly in the Organizations' good graces.


Sora dreamt more about Roxas, too. Now that he knew the other persons name; they talked. Sora was never sure if it was just weird dreams or something more since Roxas was technically himself. He had those types of dreams with Roxas; dreams that Goofy and Donald acted all amused about—


Sleeping in a bed in the Inn at Twilight Town; Sora had another dream where Roxas would touch him and bring back those sensations that Axel initially invoked. He never realized someone was watching.




Axel sat in the corner of the room, toying with a white feather that the duck left behind; watching Sora sleep. This was becoming a habit for him; he couldn't say if it was because he hoped, in some odd way, that Roxas would appear from Sora or if it was something else. The fact that Roxas looked like Sora was almost enough for him.


The boy wasn't in his complicated clothing, Twilight Town wasn't having the trouble of Heartless and Nobodies at the moment and Sora apparently thought it was safe enough for him to sleep in a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. Sora wasn't sleeping so peacefully this time, but his dreams didn't seem to be troubling. Does he dream of Roxas, I wonder…? Sora shifted again and let out a soft moan as he twisted his body against the sheets. Axel's eyebrows rose. Aw, look at that—kid's growing up after all.


He was amused at the way Sora's hands slid down his body; his eyes gleamed slightly as he watched for a few moments. Who's he dreaming about? Axel wondered. He knew that he started the ball for this one—put the ideas into the head of a too-innocent kid. Not that he minded, of course. Hell—he was proud of himself.


A smirk appeared on Axel's face as he looked down at the feather in his hands and they way Sora's shirt was riding up with his movements. He could have more fun with this, toying with the Keyblade Master—seeing a little bit of Roxas in those blue eyes and wary expression.


Carefully watching Sora's movements, he brushed the feather lightly over his abdomen, tickling it along sensitive skin. The boxers were almost too big on Sora; probably a hastily bought pair so that Sora could have something comfortable at night—slipping off his hips slightly and exposing paler skin. Axel ran the feather along fragile looking hipbones and across a semi-aroused erection.


Whatever his dream is, it looks like a good one, Axel thought in amusement. Sora was squirming more now, face flushing with his dream as Axel trailed fingers along with the feather against Sora's skin, carefully puling down the boxers a little more to stimulate Sora's arousal.


It was that touch that woke Sora up; eyes glazed with the remnants of his dream and body still painfully aroused. "A…axel?"  he stuttered out, still half lost in sleep. "What're you doing here?"


Axel's eyebrows rose and he ran the feather down Sora's arousal again, a smirk on his face when Sora shuddered in reaction. "I seem to have this habit of watching you sleep," Axel drawled. "You didn't seem to mind too much the last time—having good dreams about me, Sora?" The feather moved back and forth.


Sora's face flushed, whether it was from embarrassment or arousal, Axel couldn't say. "Wasn't about you," he muttered.


Axel was unbothered by the tone. "But I put the ideas into your head, didn't I?" he asked blandly. "Let you see a part of what it's like to be all grown up—"


"Shut up!" Sora scowled and tugged on the sheets, dislodging Axel's hand with the feather and his blush deepening. "You stare at Roxas while he slept, too?" he demanded. "Surprised he didn't beat you to death with his weapons."


"Remembering stuff about your other half?" Axel murmured, making himself comfortable next to Sora, even with the glares the younger man sent his way. "The stuff your shadow did, late at night, with me?"


Sora's cheeks darkened. "If he's anything like me; he'd be annoyed at you sneaking into his room at night just to molest him in his sleep." Sora's eyes gleamed slightly. "I hope he gave you long-lasting bruises."


"Shouldn't talk so dirty to me, kid," Axel grinned and leaned over Sora, one hand landing almost forcefully on Sora's erection. "May have to play nice and take care of your little problem for you."


Sora yelped and a Keyblade appeared in his hand as he swatted at Axel. "Jeez, not again!" he muttered, scrambling out of the bed to get away from Axel and falling out onto the floor, shirt riding up and boxers falling down as he landed in an undignified heap.


Axel snorted out a laugh, green eyes amused as he looked down at Sora. "Boy, that was graceful of you," he smirked. "Fight your enemies with that same deadly grace?" he asked mockingly.


Sora scowl grew deeper as struggled to sit up without jabbing himself with his own weapon. He finally let the Keyblade vanish and got up on his hands and knees, one hand yanking up his boxers. "Don't you have anything better to do than annoy me?" Sora returned.


Axel pretended to think about it for a moment. "Nope!" he grinned and leaned closer to the flustered boy. "Unless you want me to be sending Nobodies and Heartless across your precious worlds?"


Sora blanched as he realized just how easily Axel could do that. "NO!" he said firmly, hands latching onto Axel's arm as the redhead started to turn away. "Please… I mean…I remember that you guys aren't all bad…."


Axel's gaze sharpened on him. "Oh, you remember…" he mocked, eyes no longer amused, but bitter. "Funny how you can remember and Roxas never could after he was taken away. Is this supposed to be some sort of consolation prize?"


"You’re the one molesting me," Sora snapped. "Touching me and pretending I'm Roxas. What does that say about you?"


"That I need sexual gratification and you're the best thing for it?" Axel raised an eyebrow. "I get off by pretending you're Roxas?" Axel smirked and brushed his hand over Sora's erection again. "Apparently you get off with me, too."


Sora stifled a groan and shook his head firmly. Axel just smirked and continued to stroke slowly. "Really, Sora…you enjoyed it last time; you didn't push me away when you could have…" Axel leaned in closer to Sora's wide eyes. "You want this now, don't you? Something that's outside of your dreams."


Sora bit his lip and shook his head again. "We're not all… sexual perverts like you," he managed to get out, breath letting out in a hiss as Axel's hand slipped into his boxers. He was still gripping onto Axel's arm, but he was trying to drag the Nobody off of him instead of keeping him next to him.


"But you're not exactly drooping over my touch, So-ra…." Axel dragged out. "I'd say you're quite enjoying this." He bit at Sora's lips before pulling a fraction of space away. "You're gonna burst, kid if you don't take care of those types of problems."


Sora groaned when Axel's fingers twisted over his erection. "I…can t-take care of it myself," he stuttered slightly. "I've done it b-before." The feeling of the leather working over his skin was more stimulating than he imagined—than he dreamt with Roxas—and Sora couldn't help but twist and squirm against it.


"But this is so much better, isn't it?" Axel murmured. He was enjoying the look on Sora's face, the way his face flushed and eyes tried to glare at him. "You look a lot like Roxas right now…" Axel continued.


Sora's eyes narrowed and he let go of one hand to form the Keyblade, knocking Axel off of him. "Do I look like him now?" he demanded. It wasn't as quite as intimidating of a figure that Sora was trying for—face flushed and eyes almost fever bright; sweat dampening his skin as boxers slid down his hips. The arousal was clearly visible and Axel couldn't help but smirk.


"Oh, yeah… he'd give me that same look and threaten to beat me to death. Kind of arousing, y'know?" The flush deepened on Sora's face as he pointed the Keyblade at Axel. "I'll call for my friends," he threatened.


"And have them see you like this?" Axel placed his chin in his hand and looked Sora over. "Wow, kid—you have guts to show off your hard-on to those sickeningly happy companions of yours."


Sora paused and his mouth opened without any sound coming out. He remembered all too well how his friends acted earlier; he didn't want a repeat of it—and for him to explain that Axel was partly the cause of it…Sora grimaced at the thought. "You suck," he muttered.


Axel's smile widened. "I simply know how it works, kiddo." He let his gaze roam over Sora's body. Exactly like Roxas—same body, soul—whatever. "Teenagers don't want their friends to come in on them while they're jacking off."


Sora frowned at the crude term, but couldn't deny Axel's accurate statement. Axel pushed the issue. "Jeez, kid—just because we are what we are now, doesn't mean we were something else first." He pointed at Sora. "You're the living proof of that."


"But…" Sora tried to wrap his mind around the concept even as Axel was continuing to stare at him. "You have to have a heart to…feel something like that…" he whispered.


Axel gave a short, forced laugh at that. "You really are still naïve, aren't you?" he asked, moving with a fluid grace until he was right next to Sora again. "Told ya the last time I was here that you didn't need a heart to fuck someone."


His hands slid around Sora's waist sneakily; pushing down the too-big boxers easily. Axel was surprised they actually hadn't slipped off of Sora before now. He bit at Sora's ear and sucked on it lightly. Sora gave a soft whimper and his struggles were becoming less pronounced.


Sora, for the most part, was giving in because his dreams were still too close to the surface; Roxas was too close to the surface and thus affected him as if he was Roxas. Which he was and wasn't at the time. So Sora wanted to get closer because now that Roxas had a heart, he wanted to get closer.


Not that Sora understand any of that on the surface level; it was all operating on a deep, soul-based level. Part of him knew that this was Axel…that he shouldn't be feeling any sort of connection to his enemy at all; that if he was going to fantasize about any guy, it would be Riku and …his heart was still connected to Kairi…Sora was confused over what he was supposed to be feeling.


"Kid, you think about it too much and you'll just end up with a headache," Axel pointed out logically, stripping off his gloves and sliding his hands across flushed skin. "Just relax, will ya? Think of it as a service to the Keyblade Master," he snickered. "Rest and relaxation ain't the only thing a teenager needs."


It was a 'service' to him as well; Axel found himself drawn to the Keyblade Master of now; as he had been drawn to Roxas in the past. He wondered, vaguely, if it had been the strength of Sora's heart that had drawn him all along, but pushed that thought to the back of his mind as he slid his mouth over Sora's.


Sora gave another token protest, but Axel's hands were too busy tracing patterns up his spine and under his shirt, nails raking across sensitized skin. "Don't treat it like that…" his voice was almost-sour. "It's not like you're benefiting from all this."


Axel smirked and let one hand trail down and cup the head of Sora's erection. "Oh, but I am…" he murmured, voice husky. "You're not the only one getting off on this, Sora."


"I meant…with me being the Keyblade Master." Sora shoved at him lightly, blue eyes slightly glazed but still determined. "I'm not some sexual ….toy or whatever you're seeing me as."


"Ooh, maybe you do know more than that innocent face lets on," Axel snickered as he continued to stroke, movements a little more rough now; feeling Sora tense and shudder against him. "Don't like being treated like a whore?"


Sora glared and struggled but as the lightest brush of Axel's nails moved along Sora's sac; the boy moaned, barely muffling it against his hand. "Don't worry, kid—I'm not treating this little experiment as a payment for services rendered. I'm just doing it 'cause I want to."


Sora gave a soft whimper as he neared his peak; Axel's soft murmurs and taunts in his ears doing nothing to soften the twisting, pulling feeling deep in his gut—the heat of Axel's hands almost too much for him. Why why why…he chanted inside his brain. Why was he letting Axel do this…why did it feel so good? Why did he want to touch Axel back like he did that first night?


The last question was the easiest to answer; Sora was one that like to give back something he was given—whether it be something as simple as a smile or a favor. While this situation was drastically different from anything he had been in before, he still felt it was unfair that Axel was doing everything in this matter.


Sora… he can't feel—don't worry about it… Sora ignored the voice in the back of his head as his hips jerked erratically into Axel's hand. He leaned up shyly and pressed his lips to Axel's; no matter what he and Axel did that first night, Sora was still vastly inexperienced and wasn't sure if what he was doing was right.


Axel let a mocking smirk cross his lips at Sora's hesitant response and increased the speed of his hand in reply. Sora gave one last jerk of his hips, breath letting out in a strangled gasp in Axel's mouth as his body fell lip against the taller Nobody.


Patting Sora's head, Axel pulled away with another bite to Sora's lips. "Nice try, kid—we'll have to go a step further next time. Still a kid," he teased. With a smirk, he picked up his gloves, letting the dark portal close around him.


Sora fell to his knees, boxers still around his ankles and Keyblade in one hand. Next time I'll beat him to death, Sora promised himself, knowing that there would be a next time and hushing the part of himself that was looking forward to it.

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Yay for another one! :D

Oh, Sora. You hormone-driven boy, you. ;)