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19 November 2006 @ 03:13 pm
TITLE: Lessons
FANDOM: Kingdom Hearts
PAIRING: Axel/Sora
WARNINGS: boy on boy, spoilerish for the game? Yes, this is slightly lemony, but it's pretty mild, too.
DISCLAIMER: I do not make any claim to KH—Squeenix and Dizney gain that honor.
SUMMARY: Axel knows that Sora isn't Roxas; everyone else sees him as someone else. Axel knows better, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to pretend.
Axel and Sora have a talk and more is understood between them.

Sora played with the edge of his clothing, halfway looking up at Roxas before looking away again. In this strange place halfway between dreaming and sleeping, he was able to talk to Roxas.


"I… " Sora closed his eyes. "You feel something for Axel, don't you?" he asked softly. He and Roxas were connected closer than anybody could be connected; they shared the same heart.


Roxas frowned and looked straight at Sora, blue eyes clear and direct. "I didn't feel anything before—because I couldn't—but I realize now that … that I did care for him." His expression softened slightly. "That I still feel something for him now, especially since he's coming…around…"


Sora's face flushed at that. "I.. it's… " He coughed slightly. "He does it because of you, you know," he said hurriedly. "He wants to see you in me—and I'm just there."


Roxas's lips turned up slightly at the corners. "Is that all, Sora?" he asked, one eyebrow raised as he looked at his Other. "We share the same feelings, you know. I think there is more to it than that."


"Your feelings…" Sora reached out and touched Roxas's chest. "I share them now and … I think I understand a little bit more now," He scooted forward slightly and rested his forehead against Roxas's.


Roxas smiled slightly, breath letting out in a sigh. "I'm not mad or jealous, if that's what you're thinking," he reassured Sora. "You're me and I'm you… and when you're with Axel, so am I. To be able to feel and reciprocate now…"


Sora returned the smile and tilted his head slightly, brushing his lips against Roxas's. "I understand," he murmured. "I'm just unsure of how to act around him; I've never done anything like that before and Axel is…"


Roxas smirked. "Overwhelming?" he suggested. "Axel does what he wants to do, but he does it because he wants to do it, Sora."


"Yeah, it's just weird and I… " His blush deepened. "With you, it's different… " It was understood that their closeness erased the embarrassment that would normally accompany their actions. "With Axel, it's so.. intense.. he watches me when I sleep!" Sora said indignantly.


Roxas let out a low chuckle and brushed his hands through Sora's hair. "Perhaps it's to be closer to the one he remembers," he said softly. "Wake up now, Sora—I can feel Axel nearby."


"For you, Roxas," Sora kissed his Other lightly. His feelings were Roxas's feelings and vice-versa, so part of Sora didn't mind being with Axel at all.




Sora blinked open bleary eyes to see Axel sitting next to him on the bed, jacket already unzipped and discarded along with tight black gloves. "You weren't moaning and moving about this time; I'm almost disappointed." Axel drawled. "Not as good of dreams this time?"


Sora shook his head slowly, mind still on what he and Roxas had talked about. "No… I was talking to Roxas," he said carefully. "About you…how he feels about you; felt about you."


Axel's eyes didn’t convey his reaction to this bit of news, he simply slid his gaze over Sora. "Really now…have a nice, cozy chat about me, did you?"


Sora nodded uneasily. He still didn't know how much he could trust Axel—even Roxas said that Axel was a double-crosser and the reasons he did things were… well, just for his own benefit. Always had been. "He care for you; you know. He still does."


Axel smirked. "Aw, claiming that a Nobody could feel—especially Roxas. Didn't realize you wanted to play with me that badly, Sora. All you had to do was ask, you suck at making up lies."


Sora's eyes hardened even as a faint blush crossed his cheeks. "Axel, you asshole—it's not a lie."


Axel blinked and a slow smile spread across his face. "Aw, Roxas—getting a little too close to the surface, hm?"


Sora looked up at Axel directly. "They told me that Nobodies can't feel—but you can, can't you? You may be lacking a heart…" his hand splayed over the empty place in Axel's chest. "But that doesn't mean you can't feel. Roxas said that he understands his feelings now…."


Axel pressed his hand against Sora's chest. "You're not Roxas, 'cause Roxas never had a heart or feelings or even the memory of them; not until the end." Axel's eyes closed briefly as he felt that strong heartbeat against his hand, something he had been too long without. Axel shook his head. "Can't say that I'm understand you, Sora. For someone that wields the Keyblade, you're pretty damn bad at saying what you mean, huh?"


Sora bit his lip, cursing inwardly. He didn't know how to explain the feeling—just that Roxas felt something toward Axel that wasn't hatred; but something warmer that Sora associated with a deep, warm feeling.  Hoping he was making the right choice, he leaned up and grabbed Axel's face between his hands, giving him an awkward kiss.


"Something like that…" Sora's face was pink as he pulled away; he had never initiated a kiss before and with Axel and… "  Sora shrugged and clenched on hand at his side. "I'm just telling you 'cause … well, Roxas didn't know before and I know and…and I don't know what you two did but I know it was a lot and…"


"So you're saying that you don't mind me doing this? Because Roxas wants it so you want it?" His eyes gleamed slightly at the prospect. "And if you don't know what we did," his smile turned slightly feral, "I'll teach ya what to do."


His arms snaked around Sora's waist and yanked him in his lap faster than Sora could react. Sora's face flushed and he pushed away at Axel, but Axel's grip was tight and Sora could only move away so far.


"Sora, Sora, Sora…" Axel shook his head and chuckled softly. "I've had my hands all over you and you're still shy about this?" he tapped one finger to his chin, as if thinking hard about something. "Oh, I get it—it's because you don't know what to do back. You missed the spot entirely that first time."


Sora punched at Axel's chest. "Jeez, it's not like I've been doing this for very long," he muttered. "And I was embarrassed, okay?"


"Still, if we're going to continue this, I gotta teach you the basic parts, hm? Unless you got some sort of private tutor that I don't know about," Axel ran the tips of his fingers down Sora's jaw line.


Sora thought of Roxas and gave a small smile. "Wouldn't you like to know?" he teased lightly and then took a deep breath. "Axel, I can't really promise anything, you know. I… we're…"


"Yeah, yeah—all that fun stuff about enemies and heartless and plots." Axel rolled his eyes. "I told you, that's not here and now unless you want the little Dusk freaks twirling around your bed, watching us."


Sora blanched at the thought. "No, thank you!" he said hastily. "I mean, I'm really not Roxas, even though I am…"


Axel sighed and titled his head back. "Yeah, kid—I know. Just go with it for once, would ya?" He let his hands rest on Sora's waist, pulling down the sleeping shorts and taking the boxers with him. "You'll like this--Roxas almost seemed to enjoy it after awhile."


"Axel…" Sora let out a soft whine as Axel's fingers brushed across his penis.


"Hell, you know this already…we'll just build on it a bit." Axel smirked and kissed Sora again, distracting him while he divested himself of his clothing. His arms moved around Sora's waist again, pulling the boy tighter against him. Sora gasped as their privates brushed against each other, creating a small amount of friction.


Axel's hands rested on Sora's, causing his gaze to jerk up to the redheads, uncertainty in his gaze. "What are you planning?" he asked suspiciously.


Axel shook his head and guided Sora's hands around his length, watching with amusement as the blush streaked across Sora's face. "You didn't even really touch it last time," he snickered lightly at Sora's indignant look and moved Sora's hand slowly, watching his reactions carefully and hiding his own.


Sora swallowed harshly, eyes fixated on what Axel was doing to his hands before flicking up to Axel's face. "I… it…"


"You know what to do, right?" Axel murmured, leaning close to Sora's ear, breath moving warmly over the shell of his ear. "You said you've touched yourself before…this is pretty much the same thing." With their bodies being so close, Axel maneuvered so that his hands wrapped around Sora's length as well. As soon as the tips of his fingers brushed against the sensitive length, Sora's body stiffened and shuddered in his arms.


"But I've never done it with someone else," Sora whispered, breath catching in his throat as Axel nipped at his earlobe before sucking softly. Axel pulled away and shook his head.


"Yeah, kid—figured that out already. That's why I'm here, hmm?" He snorted and pressed his lips more harshly against Sora's, grip around his waist tightening and bringing their erections closer together. He pulled his mouth away after a moment, amusement in his eyes. "That and it's really easy to get you flustered like this and pretty damn entertaining. Sort of like stress relief after dealing with those morons."


Sora wasn't sure if Axel was referring to his companions or the ones that were in the Organization, but he wasn’t about to ask. It was getting harder to think anyways—Axel's hands were moving faster now, trailing over his length and the rough, warm—almost silky feeling of Axel's length under Sora's uncertain fingers caused the boy to flush and become more aroused.


Especially with the way Axel was panting softly against Sora's skin, eyes gleaming as Sora leaned up again and kissed him. This time it felt more natural—warm—and Sora knew that it was partly Roxas' help that made this possible; this was like a gift to his Other.


"You're doing pretty okay, kid," Axel's breath was warm against his lips. "Keep on doing this…" His hands tightened around Sora's, causing both of them to let out a soft groan. Sora found himself liking the way Axel tensed against him; the way his body jerked slightly when Sora curled his fingers inward along Axel's erection and when Axel returned the favor.


It was exhilarating in a way to feel something so intense—when Axel did this before; hell, when he did it to himself, those experiences paled in comparison to the joint feeling. Sora tried to push away the thoughts that they shouldn't be doing this and that Axel was the enemy but when his body was overwhelmed by the warm hands moving over and up and down his erection, he really didn't want to protest or move away.


His body spasmed against Axel's and Sora muffled his whimpers and groans in Axel's mouth. It was warm—so warm and Sora found himself kissing Axel desperately, fueled by reticent feelings of Roxas and his own desire to get closer, to feel more. Axel kept them pushed together and Sora could feel the vibrations of Axel's muffled moans against his chest.


"Axel…" he murmured, biting at Axel's lips and clenching his hand hard against Axel's hand and erection until they both stiffened against each other. Sora was momentarily breathless after their combined orgasm, breath hitching in his chest as a drop of sweat ran down his chin. It was twice as intense as the last time they did this, and Sora was becoming addicted.


Axel pulled away with one last bruising kiss. "Keep up with those lessons, Sora," he murmured, the portal already appearing around him. He never stayed—it wasn't his way and it wasn't something that Sora was ready for. "Gonna test you next time I come back."


He smirked. "And tell that little voyeur Roxas that he should join in next time." Wiping his hands on Sora's discarded sleep pants he waved at Sora before vanishing. 


Sora lay flat on his back in his bed from  Axel's sudden departure, heart still beating rapidly. He couldn't help but look forward to the next visit and what Axel would do next.

Charlotte: togethersascharin on December 31st, 2006 07:37 pm (UTC)
*squee* XD I think you just gained your first fangirl. *loves on this fic*