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27 December 2006 @ 09:32 pm
TITLE: Getting the Spell Right
FANDOM: Kingdom Hearts
PAIRING: Axel/Sora
WARNINGS: boy on boy, spoilerish for the game? Yes, this is slightly lemony, but it's pretty mild, too.
DISCLAIMER: I do not make any claim to KH—Squeenix and Dizney gain that honor.
SUMMARY: Sora is practicing his fire spells when Axel stops by unexpectedly, ready to continue where he and Sora left off last time.

"You know…" Sora looked up from practicing a fire spell when Axel's voice sounded behind him. "They said that when Larxene had sex with someone, it involved whips."

The spell sparked out of control for a moment, flaring violently before Axel damped it down, snickering. Sora glared up at him. "That is so fascinating," he muttered, coughing as the smoke died down. He stared at the pile of wax mournfully. "Why did you need to share this bit of information with me? And who's Larxene?"

Axel raised an eyebrow and snorted faintly. "Those memories are gone, huh?" he asked softly. "Go figure—we try and screw up your memories and that witch manages to get back at everyone else." He smirked. "Not that I blame her—pretty clever to do what she did, after all."

Sora wasn't that slow. "It has something to do with me waking up in that … pod thing, doesn't it?" he asked. "I woke up a year older and didn't remember how I got there or what happened…" He looked up at Axel, who was staring down at the melted wax with amusement. "Can you tell me about what happened?"

"Why should I?" Axel made himself comfortable next to Sora, amusement in his eyes. "That'd give away that advantage over you. Who knows what we did there…" he let his voice trail off suggestively and grinned widely at Sora's expected blush.

"I'm sure we didn't do anything," Sora snapped out and stood up. He would clean up the wax later—Donald would make fun of him again for ruining it and messing up on the spell—not my fault that Axel came in at the wrong moment—and he wouldn't be able to practice alone again for awhile.

"Well, there's that—but to answer your earlier question, Larxene was a Nobody that had been assigned to Castle Oblivion." He watched Sora carefully. "Not that you remember that place or her or anything of that time—but you weren't meant to."

Sora continued to frown. "They're my memories," he pointed out. "I have a right to know what went on."

"Wasn't my decision, kid," Axel made his voice as casual as possible. "That was that witch's choice—of course, I've been told that if she didn’t do that, you would have gone insane. Do you think if you'd gone insane.. Roxas would be here?" His voice was deceptively curious and bland.

Sora froze in the act of pulling out his toothbrush from the small traveling bag he'd picked up in the last world. He recovered quickly and gave a shrug. "I can't say if he would be that way or not. I know that… he wanted his Heart like all of you did," he turned back to face Axel, a familiar expression in his eyes. "Insane or not, he'd have still wanted to join with me."

"You make it sound so dirty, Sora." Axel chuckled as he moved up behind the younger boy. "Is that supposed to be some sort of subtle invitation?" The blush streaked across Sora's face again and one hand clenched around the toothbrush like he was planning to use it for a weapon.

"Axel, do you always have to make everything into an insinuation?" Sora turned and faced Axel, exasperated. "Look—I'm going to brush my teeth and get some sleep for the first time in days and you can go off back to … whatever it is you're doing."

"But I came here to be with you, Sora…" Axel gave Sora a smirk, reaching out to brush gloved fingertips along Sora's jaw. "Didn't I say that next time I'd be back I'd test you on what you learned?"

Sora's heart skipped a beat at that, remembering all too well what Axel 'taught' him last time. He shook his head fiercely. "Axel—" he turned away again and hurried to the bathroom. "You know you don't really want to do this."

"Who said I didn't?" Axel raised an eyebrow at Sora doing something so…ordinary when Axel was there, someone who was technically his enemy. He just didn't get the kid sometimes. "I told you—I only do things that I benefit from."

"I'm sure there are better people to molest out there," Sora said dryly, after putting away his brush and facing Axel with a sardonic look on his face. "Even you and Roxas did more by now than we've ever done. Can't be all that satisfying for you."

"Are you asking for more, Sora?" Axel murmured lowly. "I didn’t realize that you wanted this so much…" He brushed his fingers through Sora's hair, smirking and leaning closer to brush his against Sora's ear. "You know you just have to say something—I don’t mind going further."

Slipping his hands around Sora's waist, Axel was pleased to hear Sora's breath hitch in his chest. "Your companions are off… reminiscing with old friends, aren't they? And you were too self-sacrificing to interfere with them reuniting with their families. Let them have a night on their own where they don't have to worry about fighting or enemies…"

It was a remarkably safe place, too—it would keep enemies out; there was no darkness allowed. But Axel had counted on the fact that Sora didn't perceive him as an enemy anymore; and the fact that Nobodies weren't from the dark. A true in-between, they were.

Sora closed his eyes and tried to collect himself. That part of him that was Roxas was so very close to the surface whenever Axel came around; he couldn't imagine doing this with anyone but Axel. "They needed that," he said quickly. "They hadn't had that time to themselves and… they deserved it. I'll be with my friends soon enough."

"I'm sure that's the only reason you were so eager to send them off… you were waiting for me, weren't you?" Axel all but purred into his ear. "You missed me touching you like this…you want to know what else there is… Roxas shows you stuff in your dreams, but it isn't real."

Sora bit his lip when Axel ran his hands down Sora's sides, slipping fingers underneath his shirt and caressing the skin there. The leather was warm and comfortable and Sora arched into the touch unconsciously.

"Didn't you want to do something back this time?" Axel murmured, continuing with the light stroking. "You did so well last time… don't you want to touch me back?" he questioned. "Or do you like having everything done to you without you reciprocating it?"

Sora's eyes flashed with that challenge, but he wasn't going to give in just because of some stupid taunts. "I don't know what the hell I'm doing but I'm not going to just let you talk me into doing perverted things, Axel. I'm not as dumb as you think I am." He shoved Axel away and glared at him, arms across his chest.

"Sora, Sora, Sora… you already did a bunch of perverted things with me already and you enjoyed it a lot… you thought my hand felt good… you enjoy kissing me…" his eyes gleamed as he drew out the words. "What would it be like if we…combined the two?"

"Wuh… what?" Sora felt the air catch in his lungs as his mind—or was it Roxas's memories—providing the image of what Axel meant. Axel saw the knowledge flare into Sora's eyes and he moved forward confidently, pushing Sora into the wall as he brushed his mouth against Sora's ear.

"My mouth moving over where my hand was last…" Axel murmured. "Tasting all of you, hot and slick and wet…" He bit at Sora's ear, tongue moving over the sensitized flesh. "Don't you want to know what the feels like outside of dreams?"

His hands slid under Sora's shirt again, pleased at the way the boy's body warmed underneath the leather of his gloves. So easy…he thought with a smirk, pulling away from Sora enough to slide his mouth to Sora's jaw, nipping lightly until brushing across his lips. Who would have thought Sora would feel so good?

Axel moved his tongue in quick, teasing flicks over Sora's mouth, coaxing it open. Sora was already pliable to his suggestion, the way his body started to relax against his, the way Sora's body strained against Axel's as he moved closer to Axel's mouth. It was only moments later that it opened readily under Axel's ministrations.

"Good boy, Sora…" he murmured, tugging off his gloves and letting them drop to the ground with a soft 'plop' before he resumed stroking at Sora's skin, fingertips dipping below the waistline of Sora's pants, stroking the curve of his rear.

Sora groaned and pulled away, blue eyes glaring at Axel, even as his cheeks darkened with a blush. "I should stop this right now, Axel—" Wide eyes watched as Axel slowly undressed, clothing falling in pieces next to them.

"You should," Axel agreed with a smirk, "but you don't want to, do you? You like the way I touch you and kiss you—" His fingers slipped lower and he pulled Sora tight against him. "Like I said, Sora, just let go for once, hmm? It's not like it happens every night." He continued to pull Sora against him, moving away and then thrusting forward again. Axel enjoyed the way Sora's eyes lost that sharp-edged glare, trying to stay focused on his convictions.

"B..but…" Sora let out a groan as he was lifted and pressed against Axel's erection, the thick cloth of Axel's jacket didn't do much to dampen it. Hazy eyes slid shut as his body reacted, how he reacted and wanted more, even though he knew that he shouldn't.

Donald and Goofy aren't here tonight…he told himself. He had let Axel do this three times already; but each time was more involved, more sensations were invoked. Sora wasn't sure if that should deter him or make him want more. Curiosity demanded it, common sense forbid it.

Common sense didn’t hold a great deal of sway when Axel took Sora's silence as assent and pushed his pants down to the floor, one hand already caressing tip of Sora's erection. His other hand gripped Sora's wrists, pulling them above his head so that Sora would be less likely to resist. "Come on, So~ra…" Axel murmured, fingers dancing lightly over the length. "Can you imagine my mouth here?" he continued. "Licking your shaft, caressing, sucking…"

Sora's face flamed even darker, but there was the stir of arousal as well, Axel was just so very…convincing…in his words and movements. He…he wondered, even briefly, what it would fee like…."Axel…." it came out as more of a groan than a protest and Axel gave a triumphant grin.

He tugged off Sora's shirt, kissing the exposed skin, licking down Sora's chest, biting at his nipples. "We'll do so much tonight, Sora—just because you really need to unwind after all that you've been through." Axel smirked at that—he didn’t to 'relax' Sora, he was bored and wanted to fuck the boy as he had done to Roxas. It was so much fun playing with him at first, though—by the time he would have Sora's legs wrapped around him as he thrust into his body, it would be willing, completely, on both sides.

Deft hands wasted no time in yanking down Sora's boxers completely and Axel's mouth moved over Sora's hipbones, licking down to where his erection stood, pre-cum already leaking out of the tip of it.

"So eager for so many protests, Sora…" Axel grinned up at the flushing Keyblade Master in amusement. "Your body really wants this…what about the mind?" His mouth brushed over the shaft, lips barely touching the skin.

Sora jerked and gasped, it felt like an electric shock ran through his body with that one move of Axel's. He covered his mouth with one hand to muffle his gasp, gaze slipping down to meet Axel's. Axel simply smirked up at him and ran his tongue down Sora's shaft.

Yes, this is just way too amusing…Axel thought to himself as Sora's his jerked forward, breath hitching in his throat. He was getting off on his too, this little gasps and muffled groans, the taste of Sora in his mouth. Brushing his fingertips underneath the shaft as his moved over the top, Axel soon had Sora whimpering and jerking spasmodically, even with a firm grip holding his hips as steady as possible.

"Axel…." Sora gasped out and he pressed up against the wall, breath heaving out in gasps as the barest hint of heat brushed across his balls. Sora shuddered once more as Axel's lips wrapped around the tip of his shaft and sucked hard. His balls tightened and released into Axel's mouth, the redhead's hand gripping hard on his hip the entire time.

"Mmm…." Axel gave one last lick and moved back up Sora's body, taking in the glazed expression and heaving breaths. "Did you like that, So~ra?" he murmured. Sora nodded dumbly and tried to regain his sense of self. He could feel Axel pressed against him, still hard and hot and…Sora gulped again, feeling dizzy.

"It tastes so nice, too…" Axel murmured against his lips, hardly having to coax Sora's mouth open at all. Sora's movements were slow at first, but as Axel rocked against him, Sora let out a soft whine and started returning the kiss a little more aggressively, if still a little hesitant.

"Do you want to taste it too, Sora?" Axel murmured, grasping Sora's hand in his own and moving it down to his erection. He muffles his own groan when Sora's hands closed around his length. "Feel the heat of it in your mouth?"

Sora blushed and pulled away, expression hazy and uncertain, but there was a slow, careful nod. His hand against Axel's side trembled slightly and Axel smirked. "Unless you're too much of a kid, of course…" he drawled out. "Or just want to take it and not give anything back…."

His eyes gleamed knowingly as Sora glared at him. "Asshole," he muttered.

Axel snickered. "Aw, Roxas—come to surface just to tell me off? Or was it the blowjob I gave your Other?" His lips curved upward in a smirk. "Jealous because you didn't get to teach Sora that one first?"

"Idiot," Sora crossed his arms over his chest. "I am Sora. Just because I called you an asshole doesn't make me Roxas." His lips curved into a faint smirk—there was a hint of Roxas there, after all. "Just makes you an asshole."

"Such naughty language for the Hero—" Axel laughed. "I underestimated you, kid." He tugged Sora closer again and bit lightly at his lips. "Well, you've already done such perverted thing with me, a little bit of swearing shouldn't be that surprising."

Sora was still shivering slightly with the after-effects of what Axel did to him, but he tried his best to look confident as he started to imitate what Axel did to him earlier. He could feel Roxas in the back of his head, a quiet part of him offering the faintest brush of a memory so that Sora wasn't as embarrassed as he would have been.

He returned the kiss, more confident now, sliding back into the rhythm he had gained the last few times they had done this; it wasn't as awkward anymore. Instead it felt warm and almost-right. Calloused fingertips slid down Axel's chest, caressing the skin before moving further down. His lips fell away from Axel's to lap at his jaw, steadily moving downward.

Axel carded his fingers through Sora's hair, encouraging the boy. He was dead certain that it was partially Roxas here; Sora was too uncertain about sex still to be so bold. But it looked like Sora and that was arousing all on its own. Something that's supposed to be innocent

Sora's nervous blue eyes turned up to Axel's expression as he kneeled on the ground in front of him, one hand stroking with feather-light touches again. This he had done before; it was only another small step (or so he told himself) to moved his mouth where his hands were. Axel had done this to him already—Sora could do the same thing…

Besides, he was curious and Roxas was encouraging him, halfway prodding him and Sora let his mouth brush over the tip, licking at the pre-cum. He wasn't surprised at the salty taste, but he managed a smile of amusement as Axel's breath hitched. "No wonder why Roxas liked sea-salt ice cream," he murmured, renewing his tasting of Axel's erection.

"Perverted kids," Axel snickered and then hissed out a breath as teeth scraped gently over his length. "Fuck, kid—you think I'm into pain?"

"Yes." Sora said blandly, eyes sliding shut as he licked down the length. Axel's gasps and hitched breaths were incredibly…encouraging, arousing. He let his fingers stroke the parts where his mouth wasn't, the blush still evident on his cheeks at the bold moves he was making. If it wasn't for Axel's obvious enjoyment of this…heh…I'm doing this to him—then he would have stopped already, too embarrassed to go on.

He didn't have any special tricks like Axel did, he was just going off of what Axel did to him. He didn't know of any other ways to do this—he wrapped his lips around the tip and sucked as if he was eating an ice cream. Axel made a strangled gasp and then released, Sora gagging on the flavor.

"Good job, kid—" Axel rasped out, tugging Sora to his feet again and kissing him aggressively, bodies pressed up against each other. "Not bad for your first time, hmm?" he murmured.

Sora shook his head, feeling Axel's tongue lap around the corners of his mouth, cleaning up the cum that had lingered there. His eyes drooped, his body exhausted from the newest activity Axel 'taught' him.

"We'll have even more fun next time," Axel promised, fingers stroking down Sora's back and sliding along the cleft of his backside, a silent promise—a sign of what he wanted to do next. Sora's eyes widened and he looked up at Axel in astonishment. He …he wasn't ready for something like that yet.

Axel's eyes gleamed down at him. "You weren't ready for anything else, either—were you?" he asked cryptically, reading Sora's thoughts off his face easily. "We're getting closer, aren't we, So~ra?" Axel whispered into the younger boys ear. "You like this—you're starting to crave it, hmm?"

Sora gulped and knew that part of what Axel was saying was true. It was like a drug—or was it Axel that was addicting? Sora couldn't be sure if it was himself or Roxas or a combination of both of them that wanted this so much.

"Until next time, then—" Axel nipped at his ear, gathering up his clothing and winking at Sora. "Practice those fire spells of yours. Terrible shame when they get out of control."

With the obvious insinuation lingering in the air, the portal closed around Axel, leaving Sora alone. Legs shaking and body shuddering, Sora finally let himself slump to the floor. He'd have a talk with Roxas tonight—figure out some things about himself and his Other.

He wanted to be prepared when Axel came the next time. It was a certainty that he would come, but Sora didn't want to be caught unawares as to when that day came.