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31 December 2006 @ 08:47 am
Title: Relaxing
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: Axel/Sora
Rating: R-NC-17

Warnings and Notes: No real spoilers in this, nothing that will hopefully squick you out or anything. I got so embarrassed writing this, guys. Really. ^^;;

Disclaimer: I don't own KH. XD Fair enough?

Summary: Sora needs to relax away some of the injuries he got in the last battle. Axel has a habit of popping up when he's not wanted.


Sora sank into the foamy waters of his bath, eyes slipping shut. He just wanted to rest and soak away some of the aches that came from the last battle. It had been…tough…to say the least and with their limited supply of healing potions, Sora couldn't afford to waste any.

He was in the Imperial Palace—the Emperor had declared them heroes and invited them to stay the night to recuperate from their battle. If it hadn't been for Mulan whispering in his ear that 'an invitation from the Emperor is an order' he would have gone back onto the gummi ship and rested there. This…elaborate room was almost too much for him.

The bath attendants left him alone after they filled the tub with hot water and healing herbs—eucalyptus, chamomile, and rosehips—and Sora felt his muscles finally relaxing in the warm heat and the pleasant, sharp-smelling plants. This was a rare and most welcome break.

"So~ra… you look so comfortable there; mind if I join you?" Sora didn't tense up at the sound of Axel's voice, instead just slid further into the water.

"Go away, Axel. I don't want to deal with it tonight." He opened tired eyes to look up at Axel. "I'm tired and … that last battle…" he winced. "Why am I bothering telling you, anyways?" he muttered to himself. "It wouldn't be any fun for you tonight," he said louder.

"Aahh… but I saw that battle of yours and how you were oh-so-self-sacrificing and healed your companions before practically falling over in a heap." Axel shook his head at Sora's actions. "Telling ya, kid—you pull that shit too often and you'll wind up dead."

Sora glared at him. "I'm not going to let them die, either," he bit out angrily. "They've helped me tons, I'd be a really crummy friend to take the last potion or be stingy and use a healing spell on myself when they obviously needed it."

"And with healing potions be all sorts of scarce at the moment with the battle and all the casualties…" Axel rolled his eyes. "Jeez, kid—you think that you can still be the precious hero when you're too banged up to move?"

Sora snorted and crossed his arms over his chest, sulking slightly. "We can't all be like you in the Organization," he grumped. "I'm not Roxas who can take your chakrams full on and still be ready to kick your ass."

Axel snorted and reached into his pocket and pulled out a small glass vial—the green liquid shimmering in the jar. "I know—that's why I brought you this," he set the vial down with a small 'clink' next to Sora. "It's not even a full jar, but it should help a little." He smirked. "Like you said, no fun playing with someone's who's too injured to enjoy it."

Glaring at him, Sora opened the bottle and sniffed at it suspiciously. He wasn’t just going to blindly drink it—he had grown more cautious lately. Axel rolled his eyes, but there was a mocking smirk at the edge of his lips.

"Glad to see you're so trusting, Sora." Axel pulled off one glove, and then the other. "But it's not poison. You can tell it's for healing, even it's the cheapest around." He poured the slightest bit on his hand and lapped it up, green eyes watching Sora as he did so. "See," he murmured. "Perfectly safe."

Sora gave him another suspicious look before taking the offered bottle. After all, he'd always taken healing potions without thought before, never thinking they could be poison. There wasn't a great deal to drink, but obvious relief spread across his features as the potion worked. The bottle vanished once the healing potion was gone, something that Sora had gotten used to.

Axel smirked and got up to walk away. "Heh, I'll have to come again and play with you when you're feeling better." He bent down to pick up his gloves and Sora stood up quickly, water sloshing over the sides of the tub. "I.. uh—um…"

Turning, Axel seemed to slide a little on the water, nearly falling in and over Sora. "Gee, Sora—if you wanted me to join you that badly in the tub, you could have waited until I got out of my clothes. Tsk, tsk—wet leather is such a pain to take care of."

Sora's face flushed deeply as he let go of Axel's coat. "I just wanted to thank you," he muttered. He winced again, and Axel could still see the bruises situated along his body.

"Oh, sit down before you hurt yourself more," Axel muttered in disgust. "It'd be demoralizing for the Keyblade Master to kill himself in the tub because he was an idiot." He unzipped his wet coat and let it fall to the ground, away from the water. With the same single-minded attitude, the rest of his clothing soon followed.

Sora stared at him, eyes getting wider as his face flushed from embarrassment. "What do you think you're doing?" he hissed out, well aware at how his shouts would echo loudly in the tiled room, bringing guards, bath attendants, his friends and goodness knew who else. I would die of embarrassment then. Sora thought darkly. I don't think I ever want the Emperor to see me in the bathtub, and to explain why Axel is here, naked and crawling in the tub with me.

Sora suppressed his yelp as Axel slid behind him, tugging him gently down into the water again, pressed against Axel's back. "Axel! You… I…" Sora's face darkened, he was afraid the blush would never go away.

"Sora, you've been pressed naked up against me before, how is this any different?" Axel rolled his eyes. "Just relax, hmm? You're so friggin' tense." Sora's arms were wrapped tightly around his middle, as if that would prevent Axel from touching him.

Axel simply wrapped his arms around Sora, leaning forward. "Come on, Sora—it's not like I'm going to rape you in the tub," he teased. "Just lean back, hm?" One hand deftly reached for the sponge and soap that was on the side of the tub.

"That…that's different!" Sora protested, trying to squirm away, feeling all of Axel pressed up against him. Somehow that fact that it was the bath and it was warm and wet and…Sora's eyes closed as he tried to still his breathing.

"Oh, really?" Axel murmured. "I haven't even jerked you off yet, Sora—all I'm doing is going to clean you up and relax those tired muscles of yours."

Sora frowned again, but – if I gave him… if I did that to him…Sora conceded a little to what Axel was saying. "No funny stuff," he ordered, arms still crossed across his chest, trying to pull away from Axel somewhat. "I'll… I'll beat you to death with my Keyblades."

Axel snickered at the threat. Hasn't happened yet, has it, kid? Roxas had been more stiff than Sora ever would be, and he eventually got the kid to loosen up. He ran the sponge down Sora's arms and all the skin that he could reach. Kneading his hands into the Sora's shoulders, he massaged the tight muscles there. Axel felt Sora relax, little by little as the massage went on.

Oh, the results from this will be worth it…Axel thought to himself as Sora's arms relaxed enough so that Axel could rub the soap over Sora's chest, causing the boy to murmur something and lean back into him. Axel's lips curved upward in delight. Nope, didn't take long at all. Guess our previous activities loosened him up a bit.

"Enjoying yourself, Sora?" Axel murmured into his ear. "You're getting so nice and relaxed now…" He expected Sora to tense up again, but Sora just leaned back and stared at him, a confused look on his face.

"Why're you being so nice?" he asked suspiciously.

Axel smirked pulling Sora back against him. "Because now you're all nice and relaxed?" he murmured, lips brushing against Sora's, one hand resting under his jaw and keep his face from jerking away. One hand rested on Sora's inner thigh, fingertips stroking lightly. "Want to play now, Sora?"

Sora squirmed against him. "Axel…" his voice was a low growl. "I told you I didn't want to do that! And you said you wouldn't," he muttered, lower lip sticking out for a moment.

Axel rolled his eyes, biting at Sora's lip and tugging it into his mouth, sucking until he felt the soft moan that Sora tried to suppress. "You do like it, Sora—every time you deny it and make faces at me…" Axel kissed him again, hands moving closer to Sora's penis but not quite touching it. "Is it because you get more off on your Other touching you? You like Roxas kissing and fondling you?" He smirked. "I'd love to see that, it'd be pretty damn hot."

Sora's face darkened with a blush again, one hand gripping onto Axel's and trying to pull him away. "That's none of your business…" he whispered, embarrassed that Axel knew about that.

"But it's like masturbation, So~ra…" Axel laughed lowly and bit at Sora's ear, before leaning down to let his teeth run over his jaw. "Only hotter, because it's two of you and I know how both of you are when you make those sounds…" Another nip. "Imagine me watching as you two rubbed up against each other….oh—how far have you two gotten now?"

His hand slipped lower and to the back, fingers stroking where they had last time. "Have you let Roxas touch you here, Sora?" he murmured. Sora's breath caught in his throat, with the way Axel was pressed up against him, the warm water and where his hand was…

Axel's smirk widened as he continued to trace the cleft of Sora's backside, slowly going up and down, Sora squirming in his lap and trying to get Axel's hands away. The small whimpers were getting through as his body warmed from the touches. Axel made a tsking sound as he covered Sora's mouth lightly with one hand. "Mm… can't have everyone coming in on us, can we?" he murmured, slipping one finger inside Sora's mouth at the same time he started to slip a finger inside another place of Sora.

Sora leapt up, water sloshing over the edge of the tub again as he stared at Axel with wide eyes, one hand protectively over his backside. "Wha… what the hell, Axel?" he demanded.

"Guess Roxas didn't get that far either," Axel smirked, lounging back in the tub and staring up at Sora. "You should really talk to him about that; unless he likes seeing you get all flustered and surprised like this."

"You… " Sora gaped at him. "You had your hand … ew, that's just…" his face screwed up in disgust. "Roxas didn't do anything like that," he muttered. "And I'm sure he would have warned if me he was going to!"

"That makes him a nicer person than me," Axel drawled. "I don't do with such kind movements. At least I made you nice and relaxed, hm?" he raised an eyebrow. "That was my good need for the day." He paused and raked his gaze over Sora. "By the way Sora, I must thank you for the lovely view you're providing me."

Sora flushed and ducked back into the water, but that put him closer to Axel, who was laughing over his predicament. Slender hands tugged him forward and into Axel's lap, Sora's legs resting on either side of Axel's. "Now, isn't this cozy?" Axel grinned at the look on Sora's face. "Don't get all shy on me, now—if you can give me a blow job, you can sit in my lap while I prepare you for sex."

Sora started to sit up again, but Axel's grip was firm and held him down. "Not that we'll have sex tonight—just get you used to what it's supposed to feel like. Don't want you screaming at the start of it all and having it interrupted."

"Having you stick your fingers there is supposed to be any less of a shock?" Sora hissed out.

"Would you rather I just fucked you without any sort of preparation?" Axel asked dryly, fingers gliding along the curve of Sora's backside. "It's really painful, Sora. Didn't think you'd like that at all." His lips quirked. "You really would beat me to death after you could move again."

"Axel…" Sora frowned when one hand slipped underneath and stroked over his balls and penis, the name turning into a half groan. "Not fair…" his voice was choked as his body reacted against his will, remembering this touch and reacting to it.

"I don't play fair, Sora," Axel murmured into his ear, "you should know that by now. At least I didn't fuck you that first night—I'm letting you get used to it, aren't I? You want this now, don't you? Can you imagine how much better it'll feel when I'm pushing into you, stretching you, stroking…"

With each word, his hand on Sora's erection sped up, moving and gliding; fingertips brushing against the sensitive head. The water made all the movements slicker and easier than it had before, bodies gliding against each other with ease. Sora jerked into Axel's grip, already searching for what he had glimpsed before.

"Ahh, Sora—getting ahead of yourself," Axel smirked and brushed his fingertips across Sora's lips, carefully teasing them open, running his fingers along the inside of Sora's lips; he was almost surprised when Sora's tongue darted out to brush over the tips. Curiosity did tempt the teenage boy, after all.

He was more surprised when Sora's tongue wrapped around his fingers, and he had to stifle a groan of his own as the strong muscle stroked along the tips. Sora's eyes gleamed slightly as he closed his mouth around Axel's fingers and sucked slightly.

Axel increased his movements before and smirked, leaning forward enough to bite at Sora's ear. "Mmm… guess that blow job taught you all sorts of interesting things to do with your mouth."

Sora's eyes narrowed at him in a manner that was all too reminiscent of Roxas, before his teeth grazed along Axel's fingers as well. Axel eyes darkened and he pulled away enough to stare at Sora, who was still giving him that challenging look, in between muffled groans that vibrated along his finger.

"Better be careful what you do, Sora," Axel warned, "you don't know how I'll react to certain things." He pulled his fingers out of Sora's mouth and smirked at him, before covering Sora's mouth with his own.

Either the hand job was loosening Sora up or Roxas had something to do with it, but Sora leaned into the kiss more aggressively than he had before, mouth nipping at Axel's bottom lip.

You think I'm into pain?


Apparently Sora remembered that. Axel growled and situated Sora so that one hand was still stroking over and under his balls and erection, and the other hand slipped behind again, his finger moving in more easily this time—only one and it was thrusting in time with each stroke of Axel's hand.

One of Sora's hands slipped down to Axel's erection, breath catching against Axel's mouth at the feel of the hardness thrusting into his hand automatically, his own hardness jerking in response.

Sora was assaulted by so many sensations, that it was almost an overload, his heart pounded against his chest as he tried to get enough air to just breathe. The other hand gripped on Axel's back, nails digging into the skin and making Axel's thrust that much fiercer, Axel's hand and fingers and lips all increasing in intensity.

Sora was positive that if the bath attendants weren't hearing this, they were all either deaf or had left for something to actually do. Squirming against Axel, breath sobbing in his throat as his moans and whimpers increased, Sora felt as if he were at the edge of a precipice, Axel's finger against something inside that made him wonder why he had been so adamant against this in the first place.

With one final jerk against his hand, Sora felt the hot liquid of Axel's semen flow over his hand, the erratic movements of their hips causing enough ripples in the water where it was washed off fairly quickly. It was only a moment later that that spot was brushed against and white flashed across Sora's vision for a moment, his groan being muffled by Axel's mouth as he emptied himself completely.

Sora panted against Axel's mouth, warm puffs of air combining, mouths laying wetly against the other. The water was dirty now—from dirt and herbs and their semen mixing with it. Sora made a face of disgust and moved to get up, but his legs were wobbly. Axel had to laugh as he pulled Sora up and set him outside of the tub.

"That, Sora, was an even better preview of what I want to do with you." Axel was trembling slightly as well; even though he didn't have a heart, his body still reacted in physical ways. "Maybe next time I come, you'll be fully healed and more ready for it."

Sora pressed a trembling kiss against Axel's lips before pulling away, a shaky smile in place of his usual one. "That…that'll be interesting," he rasped. He knew that Roxas was mixed up in what he and Axel just did, but the sensations were purely his own and he gulped against as the strong memory seemed to imprint itself on his mind, his heart.

"Good to know, kid—" Axel scooped up a towel, tossing one to Sora before quickly patting himself down. He picked up his clothing in a practiced move, dressing quickly before letting the portal form.

"Maybe I'll even stay the night next time," he winked at Sora. "Gives us more time to play all those games you do at sleepovers. Sex toys and all that." With that embarrassing remark, he vanished into the darkness of between.

Sora clutched the towel in his hands, praying that when the bathing attendants went to empty the tub, they would be discreet and not ask any questions as to why the tub was dirty with what it was dirty with.

Roxas, you and I have got to talk tonight. He murmured to himself. He would not be caught off guard like this again, no matter how good it felt in the end. He would surprise Axel next time.

He didn't think about how much his attitude had changed; instead of questioning and dreading the redhead's appearance, he was planning on the next visit and what they would do.
Jubilee (There is no 3)starvinbohemian on January 11th, 2007 09:03 am (UTC)
Aw. Axel's starting to care. What will become of this, I wonder? ;)
homuxeiku_loff: Frozen Cherrieshomuxeiku_loff on February 1st, 2007 01:16 am (UTC)
Wow, I just read them all in a row and they are awesome. It's so nice to find a set of AxelxSora fics.
Moemoerikyo on July 17th, 2008 11:11 pm (UTC)
Yaay! Now I need to find the next part! XD Kya, but great once again! It IS nice to find a set like this! All the butterflies and moths are fluttering in my tummy in a happy circle right now. =^^=