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30 March 2008 @ 10:31 pm
Attempting To Revive?  
So! I found this by accident...and apparently WAY too late. But. I'ma try and save it anyway. First off, SHAMELESS PLUG!


An Axel x Sora fansite run mostly by me, but Axel helps when he's around.

Also! I bring a fic to you!

Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Character Death (i know. I cried when writing it)
Pairing: Akuseru x Sora
Spoilers: None (At least I don't think so.)

Title: Bus Stop
Author: Sora
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: Axel x Sora
Alternate Universe/Reality
Song Title: Bus Stop (Ending 4 in Saint Beast)
Artist: Yoshino Hiroyuki
Pages: 14
Summary: It all started at the bus stop. It all ended at the bus stop. Everything that I could ever want. Everything that I could ever lose. It all started at the bus stop. But, it also all ended at the bus stop.

Note: READ THIS! So readers aren't confused, Sora's first P.O.V. is spoken from the presant. Meaning that he is retelling about what happened up til the point where he met Axel. When the 3rd Person P.O.V. starts, the story is reverted to the past, meaning that by the time it gets to Axel's P.O.V and the 2nd 3rd Person P.O.V. the story is in the past. As I was typing this up that Axel's P.O.V was greatly different from Sora's. Thus, basically the story goes like this:

Sora: Presant
3rd Person (01): Past
Axel: Past
3rd Person (02): Past
Sora: Presant

I hope that clears up any confusion as you read this story.

Bus Stop
[Sora's P.O. V]

People are always saying that the first day of High School is something you'll never forget. I never really believed these words, but then again, I was only entering High School this year. Riku didn't seem changed on his first day, so I just assumed that it wasn't any big deal. Just another day of teachers pounding information into your head, right? Boy, I really should learn to believe people when they tell me things. I found out in the most spectacular way that first days could be the most memorable. Or, the most regretful.

It started like any other day. I woke up, got in the shower, spent way too much time under the spraying water for my skins good, and finally emerged downstairs for breakfast.

Mom greeted me, placed my food on the table and I immediately started to inhale the warm pancakes. Darn. If I had gotten out of the shower sooner, they'd probably have been hot, but no, I had to dawdle. That'll teach me. Not really. I still do it even now. But anyway, once I was done eating, I got my school things together, making a mad dash for the door, lest I be late for the bus. Mom stopped me for a few moments to hand me my lunch and kiss me good-bye (Yes, I still let my mom kiss me) before I was out of the house and running down to the end of the street where the bus would stop.

When I got there, I saw Kairi, Tidus, and Riku. There was only one person missing. Roxas. Of course, he could be counted on to get there two seconds before the bus and not have even broken a sweat. I greeted my group of friends, getting a hug from Kairi (clingy little thing she is. Nice breasts though.), a pat on the back from Tidus (wary of me ever since he found out I swing for the home team.), and a flick on the forhead from Riku. (Hey, he's my best friend! It was normal. I swear!)

It was always fun playing the "Who Got What" for lunch game. I always win because my mom always gives me home-cooked food. Unlike the others who had those nasty Lunchable things. In the midst of our laughter, a figure approched, a backpack slung over his shoulder. I frowned when I realized that it wasn't Roxas. I didn't know anyone else had moved into our area.

Our banter stopped as the male came to a stop beside. I glanced him over, my eyes going impossibly wide, or at least that's what RIku told me later. The new kid was taller then even Riku, maybe 6'0" or 6'1", but he was definately tall, with flaming red hair that spiked at all possible angles, putting mine to shame. His eyes were this piercing jade color that not only drew me in, but ate me alive. Under his eyes were these tear-shaped tattoo's that just begged to be touched. Despite the school uniform, you could tell that the male was built, but not too much so. However, his waist was rather small and delicate, almost like a females. I wasn't aware that I'd been gawking til Riku nudged me in the side.

Flushing, I looked away, catching the new-commers smirk. Oh gods, he was sexy. And, being the nice person that I am, I introduced myself. Maybe I should have just stayed quiet. Maybe if I'd just ignored him, I wouldn't hurt so bad now. But, if I had, then I never would have gotten to feel what I did, no, do. In a way, I'm glad that I told him my name.

Kogeta TOAST kuwaeta mama.
GUARD RAIL tobi koete mezasuwa BUS STOP.

Ikiwo hazumasete BUS ni norikomu.
Itsumono zasekini kanojono kurokami.
[3rd Person P.O.V.]

Sora stepped forward, lifting his hand to meet that of the red-head's, his trademark smile on his lips.

"My name's Sora. I'm in first year. I've never seen you before, so you must be new. What's your name?"

The red-head blinked, then slowly accepted the hand that was offered to him, a smirk on his lips as he squeezed the more slender hand in his own.

"Name's Axel. A-X-E-L. Got it memorized? I just moved in last week, and since I live on my own, I didn't really see the point in going around to talk to all you neighborly people. I'm almost glad I didn't. You silver-haired friend seems to dislike my presance."

Blinking in confusion, Sora turned to glance at Riku, who indeed have a bairly hidden scowl upon his face. When he caught Sora looking at him, he averted his eyes, arms crossing over his chest. This confused the younger boy, but didn't deture him from his current task.

"That's Riku. The blonde over there is Tidus, and the girl is Kairi. All of us pretty much grew up together. But how come you live alone? Shouldn't you be living with your mom and dad?"

"Sora! That's such a personal question!"

Kaira by now had wandered closer to the two, giving Axel the once-over before placing her hand on her hip, shooting a glance at Sora for his question.

"It's none of your business why he's living alone! Besides, even if it was, you still have no right to ask."

Sora's lower lip jutted out into a pout, causing Axel to chuckle at him. He waved Kairi off, grinning at the poor brunette boy.

"Nah. It's cool. My parents don't really like me all that much. So much in fact, they disowned me. Thus, I live on my own. It's not a bad deal. I can pretty much do what I want, no rules and such. The only pain is having to work to be able to support myself."

"Oh yeah. 'Cause working is a terrible thing."

The sarcasim dripped from Riku's words like poison. It was clear that he wasn't in the least bit impressed by the red-head. Thus, when the bus finally came (Roxas running up just as it pulled up), Sora wasn't shocked when Riku grabbed his arm, tugging him onto the bus and away from Axel. Of course, the brunette started pouting more as he was forced into the window seat. From where they were sitting, there was no way that Axel could sit anywhere near them. Sora figured that Riku wanted it that way. He watched as Axel took a seat near the front of the bus, introducing himself to Roxas as the blonde took a seat beside him. A sudden jealous flare ran through Sora, but he couldn't place why, thus he ignored it.

By the time they reached school, Sora had already planned to pounce the red-head, even if it meant that Riku would be mad at him later. He could live with that. Right now his main priority was to get to know the new kid, no, Axel. He was almost certian that the red-head didn't dislike him, not with the way he'd spoken so friendly to him. He was squirming in his seat by now, anxious to get out of his seat, and to Axel. It was like time had slowed down as the bus filled out, back to front. This meant that Sora would be able to get off the bus first, meaning he'd be able to wait for Axel!

Once he was off, he stepped to the side, getting an odd glance from Riku. Sora sighed, waving his best friend along.

"Go on ahead, Riku. I'll catch up. Besides, I'm sure that the girls are all waiting for you to escort them into school."

Riku flushed lightly, eyeing his friend for a few moments longer before finally nodding, jogging off in the direction of the schools entrance. Once more, Sora focused his attention on the emptying bus, scanning for any signs of Axel. Finally, the red-head stepped off the bus and Sora quickly moved to step beside him, grinning up at the male, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

"I'm sorry about before. I've never seen Riku act like that."

Axel rolled his eyes, adjusting the straps on his bag, glancing down at the boy beside him, shrugging his shoulders lightly.

"You don't have to apologize for him. He just knows bad company when he see's it. You should probably follow his example and clear off before you end up in something you won't like."

Sora blinked a bit, shaking his head slowly. Even as they entered the school, he never left Axel's side, not saying anything to him, but not straying far from his side. Finally when Axel stopped, the brunette chanced a glance up. When he saw Axel looking down at him with a blank face, Sora gulped.


Snorting, the taller male pushed Sora against a wall, his hand resting beside Sora's head, his face inches from the younger boys. He purred as he spoke, the smirk never once leaving his face.

"Or, are you into the bad boy type? I've heard that innocence likes to dance with the devil."

Before Sora could respond, he found warm lips pressed to his. Soft, but firm and fiery. Almost burning. It wasn't just a light brush of lips, more like Axel wanted to take hold of him, posses him. And Sora had no protests. Whimpering softly, his lips parted to the questing tongue that caressed his lower lip, a soft moan escaping him as the red-head dominated his mouth. His eyes had only just sunk shut when a soft "Ahem" startled him into breaking the kiss.

Cheeks flushed, he looked behind Axel to find Squall, or Leon as he prefered, Leonhart standing with his arms crossed over his chest, an amused look on his features.

"As much fun as it looks like you boys are having, it's causing quite a disturbance. Could you wait til you're in private to continue?"

It was only then that Sora noticed most of the students in the hall had stopped dead, either looking at them with disgust or amusement. Most of the girls had nosebleeds, and even a few of the boys did. HIs face turned beet red as he squeaked, bowing before fleeing from the two elder males, a shouted "Meet me by the first floor bathrooms at lunch, Axel!" before he was gone.

Axel chuckled, licking at his lips as he nodded to Leon, shoving his hands into his pockets, continuing his way down the hall to his homeroom, his smirk returning as he caught sight of a glaring Riku. He paused beside the silver-haired male, his voice full or scorn as he spoke.

"Better keep an eye on your precious little brunette. We wouldn't want him to get hurt, now would we?"

Riku growled, his hand closing into a fist, even as Axel chuckled.

"Now now! No need to get fiesty, pretty-boy. I'm not gonna hurt the kid. And if I did, he would love every moment of it."

The fist wizzed past his head as he leaned to one side, easily able to dodge it. Flicking a wave, he entered his classroom, taking a seat in the far back.

"Hmm. Maybe this year won't be too bad."

LOVE YOU! DON'T STOP ME! Mou tomerarenai!
LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! Kimiga sukinanda!

LOVE YOU! DON'T STOP ME! Mou tomerarenai!
LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! Kimiga sukinanda!
[Axel's P.O.V.]

I had to admit, the kid had balls to just talk to me like he did. Here I was trying everything in my power to look scary and un-approchable, and what does the spikey little bubble do? He pops mine that's what! Honestly! I've never seen someone who openly stayed around me like this kid does. It's already been two months since I moved here, and the kid is almost always hanging around me.

Too bad his pretty boy friend doesn't like it. Oh well. I've tried to prove that I ain't gonna do anything to the kid, but Riku just refuses to believe me. Hell, he even tries to hog Sora's attention. That doens't really bug me. It's what he does to get Sora's attention. I never was one for bribery, but Riku pushed it to the extreme.

Sure, ice cream and comics was reasonable, but Sora grew bored of those pretty fast, leaving Riku no choice but to occupy Sora's attention in other ways. Emotional ways. And fuck me if that boy doesn't screw up MY Sora's head. There has been more then one occasion when Sora has come to me in tears because Riku had tried something. For Christ sake, they weren't even a couple! No, poor Riku was just doing whatever he could to keep Sora away from me, and unfortunately, his plan was backfiring in a big way.

Even now, Sora is at my house, playing videogames while I do my homework. Yes people, I do do my school work. I don't wanna be in High School forever. This was almost like a daily routine. Sora would ignore me in school so we didn't piss Riku off, then he'd come home to my house and hang out til night, or sometimes he even slept over if he was feeling particularly in the mood to be away from his parents.

Although, as far as our relationship has progressed, we still havn't kissed since that first day. Not from lack of interest on my part, but more from Sora's sudden emotional problems. I mean, with Riku playing with his mind the way he does, I'm not surprised that the kid doesn't like any kind of sexual activities. Even if it is only kissing. Though, with the games that he's always playing. I swear, he's gone through every one of my yaoi games like they were cheep novels.

Yes, I am gay. Actually, a hole's and hole. Which basically means I'll fuck anyone with two legs and a hole. Yeah, sick ain't it? Don't get me wrong, I'd love to take Sora's sweet little ass, but that's up to him to decide, not me. I don't wanna add to his traumatization. If you ask me though, I'll tell you. I havn't been getting my rocks off, and it's all because I'm holding out for this damn kid. Scary ain't it? I'm a perfectly healthy teenager with needs, yet this one boy holds my attention. My poor hand has gotten VERY well aquainted with my cock.

Oh, he's giving me that look again. What look you ask? That look that says, "Help me. Take me. I want to be yours." But whenever he gives me that look and I go near him, it changes to one more translated to: "I'm scared! Stop this! No!" Kid can't make up his mind, I tell ya. Oh well. Let's see what'll happen this time.

I walk over to him, taking a seat beside him on the couch, my arm moving to drape over his shoulders in a friendly maner. I raise an eyebrow at him as he blushes. Well, well. Little Sora has a problem doesn't he? Smirking, I run a finger lightly along his cheek.

"It must be hell on you to play those games, Sora-chan. You're little friend looks like he could use some attention...that is if he already isn't enough."

Ah, the flush on his cheeks never seems to stop amazing me. He looks like a cherry. But alas, I'll never the pleasure of actually kissing them. I'm waiting for him to respond, and when he finally does, boy am I shocked. The kids in my lap, legs on either side of my waist, his erection pressing against my stomach. Well! This is definately new.


"Axel...I have to tell you something..."

You want me to fuck you? You want me to show you how good of a lover I can be? You want me? What Sora, c'mon! Don't leave a guy hanging!

"What is it?"

"I...I think I'm in love with you."



No. That was NOT part of the plan. Sure, I wanna fuck the kid, but it's not like I want a perminant lover! Do I? I can feel myself frowning, but stop it before Sora catches it. Don't want to worry him now do I? Although, with my silence I think I already have. He's fidgitting. Think brain! I know you can! Do I love this kid? I know I like him well enough, but c'mon! Ugh!!

"Sora, I don't know what to say. I'm flattered and all...but I don't feel that way..."

Oh shit. The tears. Now I know that I'm in for it. When Sora cries it's like Niagra Falls all over again. I quickly raise my hand to cup his cheek, biting my lower lip before I speak. Even if it's a lie right now, it could definately grow into the truth.

"I'm sorry, Sora. The truth is, I think I love you, too."

Ladies and gentleman, you heard it first. I Axel have told a lie. But a lie that makes Sora smile like he is now is worth it. He leans into my hand, nuzzling it gently, purring. Yes, the kid purrs. It's a good thing he's spending the night because I don't plan to let him escape me. Not now.

"Open your mouth, Sora."

He blinks at me, but then slowly does as I've asked, and I take the invitation, sealing my lips to his, even as my tongue slips into his mouth, caressing the insides throughly before touching my tongue to his own. I can feel him stiffen, and to soothe him I wrap my arms around him. This seems to comfort him because now he's kissing me back, that purring starting again. Damn. At this rate...

As if sensing my thoughts, Sora presses closer to me, rubbing himself agiainst my stomach. Good-bye virginity! Sora is mine now. Slowly I pull away from the kiss, smirking at him, my voice husky as I speak.

"Come to my room, Sora..."

He has no choice but to obey.
Kabanni tsumekonda furui DICTIONARY
Ashidori omoku tourisugiru BUS STOP.

Omoiwo tsutaeta koukaino michide.
Oinuita BUS kara kanojono kurokami.
[3rd Person P.O.V]

Axel carefully stripped Sora of every article of clothing, dropping it in a pile on the floor. Of course, he himself was still fully dressed, but Sora bairly noticed, so lost in the soft caresses that Axel placed upon his body that he didn't know anything else. A soft gasp was heard as Axel's fingers found his nipple, giving it a gentle tug, his smirking lips wrapping around the untouched bud, worrying it with his lips as fingers teased the twin.

Sora mewled, arching into Axel's touches, his eyes falling closed as he whimpered, allowing the elder to lower him to the bed. His eyes finally cracked open as he looked at the elder, watching as he stripped off his clothing, his blush becoming even brighter. He relaxed when Axel moved over him, pressing his lips up into the red-heads willingly as he sighed, arms slipping around the elders shoulders. He wasn't scared with Axel. He'd forget about what Riku had been trying to do, and focus only on Axel.

However, when he felt the first wet digit probing his entrance, he tensed. Axel made soothing sounds in his ear, whispering promises of pleasure after the pain, and Sora's body relaxed, allowing the finger to enter. It wasn't painful, but it wasn't what he considered good either. The finger moved slowly in and out, streaching him, a second finger entering a few strokes later, making Sora gasp, slight pain written across his features. Once more, Axel's lips were kissing Sora's face, his fingers slowly scissoring inside of the boy, pumping slowly in and out to make the hole wider.

It was the third finger that made Sora cry out. This time all Axel could do was hold the boy as his fingers moved inside, streaching the hole even wider to accomidate his girth. He curled his fingers, and was pleased when Sora gave a startled moan meaning that he'd found the sweet spot. Deciding the boy was ready, he lubed up his cock, positioning it at Sora's entrance. He looked down at the boy, smiling gently for once.

"Are you sure, Sora? I can stop right now if that's what you want."

The boy seemed to hesitate before finally shaking his head, spreading his legs wider for the elder.

"N--no. Please, Axel. I want you..."

Not one to disobey such a cute boy, Axel hooked his arms under Sora's knees, bringing them to drape over his shoulders before one moved to the boys hip to steady him, the other around his own arousal, guiding it inside of the younger boy.

Sora whimpered as the head began to pierce him, the whimpering soon turning to pained cries as the head fully popped inside. Axel leaned down, pressing his lips to Sora's to silence him as he pushed all the way inside the boy in one swift stroke, knowing that in the long run it would be better. He hissed not only from how hot and tight Sora was, but also because the boy had bitten his lip.

Slowly he pulled his mouth away, remaining still as he pet Sora's hair, attemtping to soothe him as he waited for the okay to start moving. It payed off as Sora wriggled his hips experimentally, drawing a groan from his lips. Slowly he pulled out a little ways, thrusting gently back inside of the boy, deliting in the sounds that Sora made. He continued the slow actions, pull out, thrust, pull out, thrust. Finally, Sora began to move in time with him, and Axel slipped a hand around the boys arousal, stroking it slowly in time with his thrusting, making Sora cry out more, soft pants of "Please, Axel" occasionally reaching his ears, causing him to go harder or faster with each whispered plea.

As the head of his member brushed against Sora's sweet spot, the brunette came, his eyes wide as he screamed Axel's name, tears rolling down his cheeks as his orgasm washed over him. With the tightening around his own arousal, Axel only got a few more thrust before he too came, spent as he collapsed on the boy.

They rested like that for a few moments before Axel carefully pulled out of the boy, pulling a blanket around them. Sora was already close to falling asleep, and Axel couldn't keep the smile from his lips as he kissed the boys forehead, a whispered, "Sleep well, little one" the last thing he spoke.
GOOD-BYE! MY FIRST LOVE! Hatsukoino kakera!

GOOD-BYE! MY FIRST LOVE! Hatsukoino kakera!
[Sora's P.O.V]

After that night, everything was like a dream. It was only one week later at the very same bus stop where we'd met, that everything had ended. We'd just gotten off the bus, and as per usual, I waved good-bye to my friends, bending over to tie my shoes as the bus pulled away. Axel remaind.

Oddly enough, so did Riku. I lifted my head to look at him, I was shocked to see the anger in his eyes. He was furious, and I was the cause.


I'd meant to ask what was wrong, but before I could, he'd lunged at me, his hands wrapping around my throat. I cried out, kicking and thrashing, but he refused to let go. At least until Axel had gotten ahold of him. I can't clearly remember what happened, but I know Axel had the upper hand.

At least until Riku pulled the gun from his pocket. It was like time had stopped as the gun fired, hitting Axel straight in the heart (AN: If he had one anyway). He collapsed to the ground, bleeding from the wound. I remember screaming, crying frantically, and that somehow scared Riku who fled. I was left to hold Axel in my arms while we waited for the ambulence I'd called for.

I know that I was sobbing hard enough to be blinded by my tears, but still, Axel tried to soothe me, promising me that things would be alright. At the time I really believed the words. If only I'd notcied how bad the wound was. There was no way...

Axel kissed me then, holding me close as his blood stained our clothes. His breathing became more labored, and I remember him trying to speak but I'd forced him to remain quiet.

"Don't speak. You need to save your strength."

It didn't matter at that point. Axel was dying. Axel was dying because of me. I knew that then, and I know that now. But, even as he lay there in my arms, his eyes slowly losing more and more of their brightness, I knew that he'd forgiven me already. It was his last words to me that make me believe that somehow we'll meet each other again.

"Sora. It wasn't a lie. When I told you I love you that first time...I meant it. I love you, Sora. I'll wait for you in Heaven, or Hell, or wherever the fuck else I end up..."

I'd tried to tell him to shut up, that he wasn't gonna leave me, but his finger moved to rest upon my lips, silencing me. He smiled then, the last smile that I'd ever see from him. Moments later, my lover was dead. I cried. When the ambulence finally arrived, they had to pry me away from Axel's lifeless body.

It took months for me to get over his death. Riku fled, I havn't heard from him since. I've forgiven him by now. I know what jealousy can do to a persons heart, so I feel no ill will towards him. When I turned twenty-one, I married Kairi and we made a family, two daughters, Mira and Shea and a son, Axel. I loved Kairi, but even she knew that she couldn't completly fill the hole that I'd been left with from Axel's death.

She passed away at the age of forty-two from cancer, and our two daughters married and gave birth to our grandson and grandaughter. Our son, Axel married a nice boy named Skyler. I guess it's true like father like son. I'm eighty-three now, and I'm in the hospital with my family around me. I know that my time has come. I'm at peace knowing that my family is taken care of.

But, there's only one thing on my mind. Axel. I'll get to see him soon, I know it. The heart monitor starts beeping, and my daughter Shea reaches for the call button to signal the nurse. In that brief moment, I see Axel in the room, his seventeen year odl form standing there, beckoning me. I smile, and as I reach out to take his hand, my fifteen year old form left my body, hand clinging to Axel's. I could hear my family sobbing around me as the nurse rushed in.

I watched them through my fifteen year old form as Axel held me. I smiled sadly at them, knowing their pain. What shocked me is that my son, Axel looked right over to us and flashed us a reassuring smile. Could he see us? It didn't matter, I was at peace now. Content to spend my afterlife with my true love.

The End
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