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ashes_dance's Journal

Bond of Flame - an axel/sora com
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Welcome to Ashes_Dance a Axel/Sora Yaoi Community!

>> This a yaoi based community about Axel/Sora loving and those whom wish to write (or draw if you like) about them. You can easily join if you just follow these simple rules:


>> Please, please respect all members here~

>> Please LJ-cut things.(Such as Icons, Fanfics or Fanart, you know the works ^_^ )

>> Foremost of all, please enjoy yourselves!~ And be on topic about the pairing!


>> This is a rather new community, so bare with us while we try to make the layout more spiffy.


>> If you have any questions, please either contact me (aka: Kayrademashi) or Sinstersundown.

Thanks for your time for reading this~

axel, axel's massive hips, chakrams, fire, keyblades, kingdom hearts, sora, sora's bling, yaoi